intend  ~(する)つもりである

August 31, 2014 =========
☆ intend  ~(する)つもりである
Have you ever hear the quote, “The days are long, but the years are short”? It is by Gretchen Rubin, in her book, The Happiness Project. This quote made my jaw drop when I read it. Wow!! That is SO true, I thought. The days seem to take a long time, but then suddenly it’s already the end of August, and I still haven’t achieved everything I intended to get done this month, let alone this year!
Did you set goals back in January? Have you looked back over what you intended to do in 2014? If so, are you on track? Have you achieved most of what you intended to achieve? If not, what can you do now, to make sure that you do achieve those things?
Another quote that is similar is that most people plan too much for their day and too little for their year. In other words, we have a full “To Do” list for the day, there is too much on the list so we couldn’t possibly get it all finished in one day, but when we look at what we intend to achieve over the whole year, there is not so much on the list.
Hmmm…. Maybe true! So, how do you intend to spend the last 4 months of 2014?