evaluate 評価する

September 1, 2014  =========
☆ evaluate 評価する
This month’s topic is “The only way out of a problem is through it”… so before you start to head “through” the problem, one of the best things to do is evaluate it, right? How would you evaluate the situation?
If it were me, I would use the “Solutions Focus” idea. This is a great system (the book is also available in Japanese). The first step is to think about the “Future Perfect”, what would be the best solution for this problem? In other words, instead of evaluating the problem and getting stuck thinking about the problem we go straight to the solution. What would my life be like if this problem disappeared overnight while I was sleeping?
Then we look at what is happening right now, and do some more evaluating – we look at a scale to decide how close we are to our solution; if the solution is 10, then where are we right now? We evaluate our situation – is it a “1” or a “5” or are we almost at the solution at “8” for example.
I really like using the Solutions Focus system. Do you have a system that you like to use when you are evaluating problems?
Ps. The Japanese book is組織の成果に直結する問題解決法 ソリューション・フォーカス