quit  やめる

August 10, 2014  =========
☆ quit  やめる
When I lived in Japan, I bought many English books because I couldn’t find the books I wanted in the library. Now that I am back in Australia, there are so many books in the library, that I hardly buy books anymore. Recently, I wanted to borrow the book, “I Quit Sugar” which is an 8 week program to help you quit eating sugar. You don’t have to quit all sugar, just added sugar.
Normally, you can borrow a book for 4 weeks, and then renew for another 4 weeks if you want to. However, this book about quitting sugar is so popular, that other people have placed holds on it, so you can’t renew it. In fact, it’s so popular, that you can only borrow it for two weeks instead of four! So instead of having 8 weeks to read the book, you only have two weeks.
Wow! I had no idea so many people wanted to quit sugar. How about in Japan? Is quitting sugar a popular “movement”? When I lived in Japan, I didn’t really notice that I ate a lot of sugar… so maybe there aren’t many people wanting to quit? Right?