stand out  目立つ

August 8, 2014 =========
☆ stand out  目立つ
When I worked at an Eikaiwa, it was the students that were confident that stood out. They weren’t necessarily the best at English, but they were confident that they could get their message across. And because they were confident they continued to speak English and naturally their English got better!
Sometimes in the lunch room, the teachers would talk about students and say things like, “Mr. X’s English is good isn’t it? His grammar isn’t that great, but you can always understand what he wants to say.” Although in Japanese culture, it might not be good to stand out, in western culture that is what most people notice – people who stand out because they are confident and believe in themselves.
Do you know anyone that stands out when they speak English? Why do they stand out – is it because of confidence or because they have perfect English? I bet it’s because they are confident.