separate yourself from  ~から切り離される

August 7, 2014 =========
☆ separate yourself from  ~から切り離される
I went to a workshop last month, and it was a small group, just four of us and the teacher. Because it was a small group, there was a lot of trust and we could talk freely about things, even personal topics. One of the other students was a man who was almost 40 and he talked about how he had separated himself from his family. It was hard for the rest of us to understand why he had done that, but he told us he knew that was just the only way for him to survive and thrive. He said that it was very hard to tell his mother and his step-father that he could no longer be part of their lives. I bet it was hard!
I couldn’t even imagine being in that situation. I was very grateful that my family situation is not one that I have to separate myself from.
Is there anything in your life that you have separated yourself from? Or is there anything you need to separate yourself from?