make a decision  決心する

August 6, 2014 =========
☆ make a decision  決心する
Did you know that the average person makes thousands of decisions each day? These can be minor or major decisions (for example, whether to eat the piece of chocolate or whether to change jobs). Recently a lot of research has been done on how humans make a decision. Some researchers found that decisions are made in two areas of the brain. The first area determines the overall value (the risk versus reward) and the second area is the cognitive control area which guides how we actually behave.
A good example is when you go grocery shopping. The valuation area is looking at all the things at the store and providing you with information about the things you want to buy and also about all the other things not on your shopping list – like chocolate and yummy looking junk food. The cognitive control area makes sure that you maintain your goal – for example the goal of only buying what is on your shopping list or only buying what you need for that night’s dinner. When one or both of these areas are not working – either because you are tired, or because there is actually something wrong – it can be difficult to make a decision.
Maybe that is why they say you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry!! Are you good at making decisions?