overcome  乗り越える

August 5, 2014 =========
☆ overcome  乗り越える
There are three ways to use today’s word. The first way, today’s meaning is for when you overcome a problem or a feeling – in other words you successfully deal with or control the problem or feeling.
Sally took sleeping pills on planes because she couldn’t overcome her fear of flying.
The boy was able to overcome his difficulties and pass his exams.
Don’t give up! You can overcome this!
A second way to use this word is for when you overcome by a feeling or event. This means that the feeling or event has such a strong effect on you that you cannot think clearly.
I was overcome by fear.
A dizzy feeling overcame me and I couldn’t see well.
And the third way is for when you are overcome by smoke or gas and become ill or even die from breathing it in. This is most commonly used in news reporting.
They tried to escape the fire, but they were overcome by smoke.
Can you use it in a sentence?