birth  出産

July 23, 2014 =========
☆ birth  出産
Yesterday we had “death” so I guess it’s important to also have “birth” right?? So, I’m interested in the “Family Register” in Japan. Both of my sons were born in Japan, and they were registered on the family register, but we didn’t get a “birth certificate”. Is there no such thing in Japan? Do all births and deaths just get entered on a family register?
In western culture each person who is born receives a birth certificate which has date of birth, place of birth, the full name, and of course the name of the mother and father. This birth certificate is the official document that you need in order to get a passport or to prove your identity for any other reason. Then if you get married, you get a marriage certificate, as well as a certificate for “change of name”. So I guess the “family register” in Japan keeps all the information on one page, but how does it work for divorce or for women who don’t change their name when they marry? What happens to a person’s original family register when they marry – does the wife now have two? What do you think of the family register system – is it a good way to keep an official record of deaths and births?