widow  未亡人

July 24, 2014 =========
☆ widow  未亡人
Today’s word refers to a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again. If they remarry, they are no longer a widow, instead they are a wife again – a wife whose first husband died.
The word widow is also often added to another noun, in order to make a word describing a woman whose husband is busy doing things away from the house. For example, a “golf-widow” is someone whose husband is always away on weekends playing golf. “Golf-widow” is the most commonly used, but it could be anything. For example, these last two months, the “World Cup Widow” would have been a popular word again. I think I could call myself a world cup widow – but at least this is only once every four years, much better than every weekend!
One other word using widow, is a war-widow. In this case, the woman is someone who has actually lost their husband in a war. So although the “golf widow” and “world cup widow” words are for fun, this war-widow is using the word in its real sense.