death  死

July 22, 2014 =========
☆ death  死
Today’s word is an easy one, right? So let’s look at some words that contain the word, “death”, there are actually quite a few!
at death’s door (He’s is at death’s door, but never complains about the pain.) – to describe someone who is very ill and likely to die.
fight to the death (The young tennis star now faces a fight to the death to reach the semi-finals.) – to do anything to achieve or protect something, even if you suffer a consequence from it.
a matter of life and death (It’s only a hobby, it’s not a matter of life and death if don’t get to finish it.) – something that is extremely important.
frightened/bored/worried to death (I went out with my old school friends, but to be honest, I was bored to death.) – extremely frightened/bored/worried about something
Do you know any other ways to use “death” in an idiom or phrase?