end a relationship  別れる

July 19, 2014 =========
☆ end a relationship  別れる
Have you ever ended a relationship? How did you do it? How did it feel? Which position do you prefer being the one who ends the relationship or the one who it is ended with? I guess most people prefer to end the relationship, rather than have the other person end the relationship with them. Of course, if the feeling is mutual (both parties agree to end the relationship) it is much easier emotionally right?
What about non-romantic relationships? Have you ever ended a relationship with a friend? In my experience, most of my friends and I have just grown apart – still friends, but not close. There was no need to actually “end” the friendship. However I do know some people who are very strong and clear about their relationships with friends and with family – they are willing to say things like “This relationship is not working any more, and I want to end our relationship.” Which is your style – letting a friendship or relationship just end naturally (by growing apart or not meeting any more) or being assertive and actually telling the friend or family member that you are ending the relationship?