start a relationship  つきあい始める

July 18, 2014 =========
☆ start a relationship  つきあい始める
I wonder how people ever did anything before we had the Internet?! There is advice on there for anything and everything! Of course if you search for tips on “how to start a relationship” you’ll find a lot of pages – about 700 million results!! Ha ha, looks like a lot of people have advice about starting a relationship.
While I was “researching” today’s mini mail on starting a relationship, I found an article with 5 tips. Tip number 5 was about money. I thought this was quite interesting because most of the other pages focused on what to say, what to wear, how to flirt and so on.
This article said that if you are dating a lot of different people rather than looking to start a relationship, then it’s OK to spend a lot of money; who cares, have fun! However, if you’re looking to start a serious relationship then you should try NOT to spend money… that sounds like strange advice, right? But the author said that if you can have fun with someone without spending money, then you have found someone you are compatible with. Why? Because having fun while using money is generally easy, but having fun with someone without spending a lot tests your ability to have fun together.
Interesting! What do you think? Agree or disagree? I think I agree – a walk in the park costs nothing but is not fun if you don’t really like the other person!! Whereas spending money, to see a movie and have dinner can be fun even if you don’t really like the other person.