unmarried  未婚の

July 13, 2014 =========
☆ unmarried  未婚の
Today’s word is one that you will find on formal documents, such as passport and driver’s license applications. It’s not really used very often as it is more formal than similar words such as: single, bachelor, unattached, unwed.
An example of a formal situation could be when you are looking to rent an apartment; the owner might refuse to rent the apartment to an unmarried couple. In this case, the owner would most likely be someone who has strong religious beliefs about people living together when they are unmarried.
Another situation might be to describe someone who has died without ever getting married. You wouldn’t say, “He was single when he died.” Instead you would say, “He died unmarried.” Does this help you notice the small difference between “single” and “unmarried”? Unmarried is used to describe someone who has never married. Single is used to describe someone who has never married or who has been married / in a relationship and is now divorced or no longer in the relationship.