divorced  離婚した

July 12, 2014 =========
☆ divorced  離婚した
Just like the adjective, “married” there are a few ways to use this word. The main usage is to describe someone who is separated from their former husband or wife and no longer legally married to them.
She is divorced, with a young son.
Brad Pitt is divorced from Jennifer Aniston.
He is researching quality of life among separated and divorced couples. (Separated means they are not living together, but still legally married.)
You can also use it to say that two things are very different. In other words, the two things are “unconnected”.
His plan is divorced from reality. (Meaning his plan is not based on reality, but his imagination and the nuance is that it will probably fail.)
And you can say that someone is divorced from a situation, meaning that they act like it is not affecting them in any way.
He just doesn’t care anymore; he has divorced himself from the situation.