engaged  婚約中の

July 8, 2014 =========
☆ engaged  婚約中の
In western culture getting engaged is a big deal. It is a big first step in the process of getting married. Firstly there is an engagement ring, which is often very expensive and of course, needs to match the wedding ring, so they can be worn together after the wedding!
Then there is the engagement party, where you celebrate getting engaged – and people give you gifts to congratulate you both. The funny thing is though that after that some people spend many years engaged, but never planning a wedding. It’s common for people to be engaged for about a year before having a wedding; this time is meant for planning and organizing the wedding. However, it’s also not unusual for people to get engaged and then not get married for many years. My friend’s son just got engaged, and they have set the wedding date for September 2016!!!
How about in Japan, is getting engaged common? Or do people get married and not worry about getting engaged first?