single  独身の

July 7, 2014 =========
☆ single  独身の
Oh my!! I just remembered last month there was all that terrible news about the Japanese parliament – that was quite disgraceful that the female politician should be heckled for being single. It made the headlines here in Australia.
But you know what is ironic – the same thing happened here in Australia – our ex-prime minister was Julia Gillard, a woman, aged 61… never married! No kids! And the number of times that the politicians heckled her in parliament was ridiculous. Every time the debate about a tax got too difficult, someone would heckle her for being single.
You have to wonder why someone’s status of being married or single is important to whether they can do their job or not! If they were a marriage counselor that was single and never married, then you might question if they have the experience to be a counselor (but maybe not, they could still be a good counselor I think). But surely being single is not important to working as a politician. What do you think?