agreement  合意

June 26, 2014 =========
☆ agreement  合意
We use “agreement” to talk about a formal decision made between two or more people, between groups, and of course, also between countries. Here are some examples:
It looks like a compromise agreement has been reached.
The two countries signed an agreement in 1992.
The men said an agreement has not been reached.
We were told that in the absence of an agreement that we should choose Company Y.
I thought our agreement was that I would clean and you would cook?
Can you make a sentence using “agreement”? If not, is a great resource. Type in the word you are searching for, and it will give you the definition, but in the top menu, you have “definitions”, “synonyms”, and “sentence examples”. If you click on “sentence examples” it will give you some examples of “agreement” in a sentence. So, if you want help writing a sentence using the daily word, try this web dictionary!