express  表現する

June 19, 2014 =========
☆ express  表現する
We use “express” when we show what we think or feel. For example, “He expressed concern about the new system.” Or something that I hear many students say is, “I want to be able to express myself easily in English.” Do you ever say this? If so, what would help you express yourself more easily?
Some ideas for expressing yourself more clearly and easily are to slow down. Slowing down makes it easier for the listener to catch what you are saying. Try to use more “I-statements” – statements that are active, and start with the word “I”. Another way that might seem unconnected is to do a lot of reading of English. Reading will help you learn how other people express themselves. When you are reading and find a word you don’t know, look it up and find out how to use it, then try using it. Learning new words (from reading, or from the Eigo Techo!) will help you to express yourself more easily.
Do you know any other tips for expressing yourself more easily?