caring  思いやりのある

June 12, 2014 =========
☆ caring  思いやりのある
Do you think that being “caring” is an important quality in people? Is caring a word that you would use mostly for women, or for both men and women? Honestly for me, I would probably use it to describe women more than I would use it to describe men – because in my experience, women tend to be more affectionate and sympathetic (in other words, “caring”) toward others than men.
However, my dictionary has two example sentences of the word caring, and both of them are about men! The sentences are, “He is a lovely boy, very gentle and caring.” And “He is a loving, caring husband.” Interesting! What do you think? Is “caring” a trait that both men and women have equally? Or are men more caring than women, or vice versa?