dare  挑戦

May 26, 2014 =========
☆ dare  挑戦
In Japan, do you have the children’s game, “Truth or Dare”? In the game, one person asks, “truth or dare” and one player must choose. If they choose “truth” the first person asks them a question (usually embarrassing) which they have to answer truthfully. If they choose “dare” the first person gives them a crazy or embarrassing task to do. When they answer the question or complete the dare, it is their turn to ask another player “truth or dare”. Is there a similar game in Japan?
I was thinking that “Truth or dare” could be a good way to improve your English. Well, maybe not the truth part, but the “dare” part! You could give yourself an “English dare” to do each day. Or you could find a friend who is also studying English and give each other dares. Here are some you could try:
I dare you to speak English to the next foreigner you see – ask them something simple, like “excuse me, what time is it?” (If you already have a watch, then say, “excuse me, my watch is broken, what time is it?)
I dare you to write a sentence in English every day for one week on a blog or facebook where other people can see it.
I dare you to get an English book from the library and try to read it without a dictionary.
What other dares could you give yourself?