intuition  直感

May 27, 2014 =========
☆ intuition  直感
Some people have asked me the difference between instinct and intuition. To be honest, they are mostly the same thing, and many dictionaries will list “instinct” as being another word meaning the same thing. Other words you could also use are hunch, insight, perception, sixth sense.
However, if you want to be sure to use the right one, think of “intuition” as being something that humans have. And “instinct” is something that animals (and therefore humans too) have. As far as we know, animals are not capable of using their intuition. For example, we can train animals such as dogs or dolphins by relying on their natural instincts to do something. Someone’s instinct is the particular way that they are likely to act.
Whereas, intuition (sometimes also called instinct) is where you have a feeling that something is true, but it is not based on fact. Here are two examples with slightly different meanings:
He always knows what time it is, as if by instinct. (Meaning he can guess the time without needing a watch.)
His intuition told him it was time to leave. (He had a feeling that it was time to leave, not because of the time, but because of the atmosphere.)
Hope that helps!