disciplined  規律のある

May 24, 2014 =========
☆ disciplined  規律のある
You might think it’s hard to improve your English while living in Japan, maybe you don’t have a lot of chance to use it. I’m sure most people think it is easier to improve at English if you’re living in an English speaking country, but you don’t need to live abroad. What you do need is to be disciplined to study – and use – English on a regular basis. In fact, a lot of Japanese people who do study or live abroad tend to meet and hang out with other Japanese people, so they don’t improve as much as they could. The fact is that no matter where you live, to improve in any foreign language you need to be disciplined.
So if you sometimes feel like “I don’t want to study English today”, that’s ok. Just remember to be disciplined and stay on track by asking yourself this question:
“OK, I don’t want to study English now (or I can’t do it now), that’s OK, so when *will* I study?”
Then when you have an answer such as tomorrow, on the weekend or later tonight, etc., put that appointment with yourself in your diary and make sure that when that time comes you are disciplined and do the study!