fearless  恐れを知らない

May 23, 2014 =========
☆ fearless  恐れを知らない
My three year old son is fearless!! He loves going to skate parks and riding his bike up and down the hills where the skateboarders are. That’s right, he rides his tiny bike (with no training wheels!) around the park where the teenagers are riding their skateboards! Luckily the bigger kids are usually pretty nice and make sure they don’t crash into him. But I wonder how long he will remain fearless? Maybe if he has a crash? Or as he gets bigger it might start to be scarier? But for now he is fearless and I love to see him so fearless.
And when I teach English, I love it when my students are fearless! Are you fearless when you speak English? If you are, that’s great! If not, why not? Do you remember “how” or “when” you learned to fear speaking English? Maybe you wouldn’t say “fear of speaking English” but maybe you would say “nervous of speaking English”. Either way, that feeling stops you from speaking English when you get the chance. One way to be fearless is to practice a lot – that is one reason my son is fearless on his bike, he rides a lot! So today, be fearless and speak English! Even if you only speak to yourself, try being fearless and see how you feel.