remarkable 並外れた

May 20, 2014 =========
☆ remarkable 並外れた
Earlier in the month, we had the verb “remark”, right? (May 8). As you know, I like to recommend learning related words, so this is a good opportunity! Ways you can do this is to look in your dictionary and find words that all have a similar spelling. Or you can use your dictionary to find the different forms of the same word, for example, the verb, adjective and noun.
Let’s do that for today’s word:
Adjective: remarkable – something that is unusual or special. Similar meaning words – extraordinary, outstanding, rare, surprising, unusual, wonderful.
Verb: remark – to say something is the case. Similar meaning words – comment, declare, mention, say, state
Noun: remark – a comment about something. Similar meaning words – comment, statement, observation
Now imagine having a Mind Map of this information – a great way to learn and remember a lot of vocabulary at one time.