supervision  監視

May 16, 2014 =========
☆ supervision  監視
Do you need supervision when you are studying?! I know you are an adult and this might seem like a silly question – but I was reading a book about parenting last month, and it said that the amount of supervision we need should decrease as we get older. However, if we have not been taught the “executive skills” we need in order to study alone and without supervision, then we may still need supervision as we get older.
What do I mean by supervision? I mean, having a teacher watching you as you do your study in the classroom. Or at home, a parent who watches and helps you if necessary, when you do your homework at the dining table. The end goal is for the child not to need the supervision of the parent or teacher, but the child needs to be taught how to study alone… and I cannot remember anyone at school teaching me how to study alone!!! How about you?
For most people, studying alone without supervision is just something they can do naturally. However, it is easy to get distracted and do things other than study, right? So, if studying alone is hard for you as an adult, you could try studying English with “supervision”, for example studying in a café, or on a train. The people around you don’t need to know that they are “supervising” you, you can just use your imagination to think, “that’s the teacher, checking on me, I’d better do my study!!” It’s just a silly idea, but it might work!