method 方法

May 15, 2014 =========
☆ method 方法
What is your preferred method for studying English? When I was living in Japan and learning kanji, I would carry a notebook with me on the train and write down kanji that I saw on advertisements. Then when I got home, I would look up the kanji in my dictionary. Once I got a smartphone I found an app that allowed me to draw the kanji and then it would find the dictionary meaning for me. It was a great method for learning kanji. I think that writing it down was more effective for me for remembering the kanji though.
Do you have a method that you prefer to use for studying English? Do you need to write things down, or do you mainly use electronic methods. I have talked about the VAK methods of learning before, “V” people like to use visual methods to learn. “A” people like to use auditory methods, and “K” people like to use kinesthetic (physical) methods. Most people have a strong preference but are a mix of all three. I’m strongly A, and then K, which is why I preferred the method of writing down the kanji rather than just checking in my smartphone app. How about you? Do you have a preferred style (V, A, or K) to learn or a preferred method to use for learning English?