guts 気力

April 27, 2014 =========
☆ guts 気力
Sometimes there are “English words” that you only hear in Japan! Do you know any of those words? One of the common ones is “guts pose”. If you were to use this in Australia, I don’t think anyone would know what you are talking about! In America, too, although it might be more well known in the US. Do you know what word we use instead?
Instead of “guts pose” we say, “fist pump”. Our fist is a closed hand, and “pump” is the action of pumping our arm and fist up and down in the air. Like in Japan it is most common in sporting activities, and I have even seen little boys playing soccer doing a “fist pump” when they have kicked a goal!
Do you know any other words that are “English” but only exist in Japan?