help 助け

April 26, 2014 =========
☆ help 助け
This word can be a verb or a noun. Today we are using it as a noun, which has the same meaning as words such as: assistance, advice, cooperation, guidance, helping hand, and support.
For example, “Thanks very much for your help.” could also be said using any of the words I’ve just mentioned. “Thanks very much for your advice” or “Thanks very much for your cooperation.”
If you’d like to increase your vocabulary, you can do so by making an effort to use different words with similar meanings. So the next time you want to thank someone, try using any one of the words I just mentioned. If none of them seem right, then of course, you can just use “help”, but it’s always fun to vary the words we use. 🙂
I hope you appreciate my guidance and helping hand with English. (See – it’s fun to use different words sometimes!)