courage 勇気

April 25, 2014 =========
☆ courage 勇気
The main reason my students say that they don’t use English is because there is no opportunity to speak it in Japan. I agree that is true to an extent, however, there are many foreigners in Japan, and it is possible to speak with them if you have courage!
I have an American friend who lives in Chigasaki and she is always posting photos on Facebook of all the lovely Japanese people that speak to her each day. Yes, it takes courage to talk with strangers, and even more courage to speak in English with strangers, but it’s worth it! You could make a good friend, and when you do something that scares you a little bit, it gets easier. And if you keep doing it, it gets easier and easier, and eventually, you won’t need courage to speak English any more, it will be natural for you to feel confident speaking English with friends and strangers.
If you feel like you need courage to speak English, remember that it gets easier, and that starting is the hardest part. That’s why Nike says, “Just Do It”, don’t think about doing it, just do it. 🙂