captivating 魅力的な

April 6, 2014 =========
☆ captivating 魅力的な
Usually when we talk about something being “captivating” we talk about a person or a place. For example, “she had a captivating smile” or “the view was captivating”. Today, though I was in my garden and all the roses are in bloom, and they smell amazing… and so I was wondering if we could describe the smell as captivating. Of course, I thought we could, but I had never really used the word captivating to describe a smell.
So I checked with “Dr. Google” and sure enough, captivating is often used to describe a smell. For example, coffee! Here are some of the examples I found:
You cannot resist the captivating smell of freshly ground coffee.
The taste and smell were very captivating.
There’s even a blog about Olive Oil, called “The Smell is Captivating!”
Interesting! So for me, the smell of roses is captivating. How about you – is there anything that has a captivating smell that you love? What is it?