blame 非難

April 7, 2014 =========
☆ blame 非難
When I was living in Japan, I was always intrigued by the way people took the blame for things. When there was some kind of trouble in a company, the top people would take responsibility for whatever happened and not try to blame an individual employee. For example, the top person in the company would issue an apology for the actions of the person or company as a whole, on TV.
Of course it’s not a good idea to blame someone else when it is clearly our fault that something happened, but in Japanese culture is it more common to blame the group rather than an individual? I think in Western culture it is more common to try and find someone to take the blame, and we call that person the “scapegoat” – meaning they are the person who takes the blame even if it is not their fault. Is there such a thing as a “scapegoat” in Japanese culture?