sad 悲しい

April 5, 2014 =========
☆ sad 悲しい
This month’s topic is about change, and embracing change. Change can be sad, though, right? Even when we are moving forwards and towards our goals, and we know the changes are for the best, we can still feel sad.
In 2011, my family lived with my mother-in-law for about a year. Then it came time for us to move to Australia. Of course, this was a very exciting and happy time for me, because I would be living near my family again for the first time in many years. However, it was also a very sad time, as the reason we were moving was because my father was very sick. And of course it was also very sad because we would be leaving my mother-in-law, so she would be sad, and so would she. But change is good, and we could all see the benefits of our move, not just the sad side of things.
How about you? Do you have a story of change that is happy and yet sad at the same time?