approachable 親しみのわく

April 4, 2014 =========
☆ approachable 親しみのわく
Would you say that you were an approachable person? Being “approachable” is mostly about how you look, in other words, do you look friendly and like you would be easy to talk to?
I think I must have an approachable look, because I often get strangers talking to me. Especially children! And when I lived in Japan, many Japanese people approached me to ask me for help or for directions. Now, you might think this was because they wanted to practice English – nope! – 99% of the time, they came to talk to me in Japanese to ask directions… even though there were Japanese people standing nearby! I always thought this was a bit strange! Ha ha! But perhaps I just looked more approachable than the other people standing there, despite the obvious language barrier!