impressive 印象的な

April 1, 2014  =========
☆ impressive 印象的な
What’s the most impressive thing you’ve seen or heard recently? For me, it was a story I read last month about LuminAID. This is a solar powered light that is inflatable, so it can be packed flat and sent to people in disaster areas. What was so impressive for me was that the light was designed by two graduate school girls! Not only that, but they had really thought of everything possible that would make it the best possible design for disaster relief.
They had been on a school trip to Japan during the 3.11 disaster and discovered that one of the things people really needed was “light”. After dark, with no power, life got even harder for people in these disaster areas. So they came up with the idea of this inflatable, solar-powered. There are so many impressive stories being shared on facebook and the Internet these days, but this one really amazed me. If you’d like to read more about the invention by these two young girls, you can find the English “about” page here:
And the Japanese page here: