bold 大胆な

April 2, 2014 =========
☆ bold 大胆な
Today’s word, “bold” is use to describe someone who is not afraid to do things which might involve risk or danger. In other words, they are brave, adventurous, and not cautious. Another way to use the word “bold” is when you talk about someone who is not shy or embarrassed when speaking with others. This kind of person would be called, bold, brave and the opposite of timid.
The government has been making bold reforms.
She was becoming a bold, daring young woman.
He’s always bold and never afraid to say what is on his mind.
You can also use “bold” to describe colors and patterns (her artwork uses bold, dramatic colors.) And to describe lines or designs drawn in a strong, clear way (the picture is shown as a bold outline of the original drawing.) And finally, one last use of “bold” is of course to describe the print or font that we use to describe type that is thicker and blacker than ordinary printed letters.