win over 味方にする

March 31, 2014 =========
☆ win over 味方にする
If you win someone over, you persuade them to support you or agree with you. In the middle of this month we had an election, and up until the day of the election I was getting mail every day from the opposition trying to win me over! Unfortunately the people who used to live in this house didn’t change their address, so I was also getting their mail by the same people trying to win them over!
It was very frustrating! Every day I would get excited, “Oh new mail!” (I love getting real mail, how about you?) and then I would check the post box and it would be more election mail – for me, and for the previous resident and his wife! As you can imagine, the people sending these letters every day did NOT win me over! Instead they annoyed me so much I voted for someone else!
See you next month!