outgoing 社交的な

March 24, 2014 =========
☆ outgoing 社交的な
The dictionary says that someone who is outgoing is very friendly and likes meeting and talking to people. In that case, I would say that I am “not” outgoing!! I think I am friendly, and I like talking to people, but meeting new people and having conversations with strangers is hard for me! But with practice I have gotten better and I think most people would say that I am sociable and outgoing!
How about you? Are you outgoing? Do you think being outgoing is an important skill for speaking English? I guess it can help you to meet more people and therefore you’ll have more chance to speak English… but if you are not outgoing, you can still be good at English – ask questions, and instead of speaking just listen! Quiet and shy people can still get lots of English practice by listening a lot instead.