proactive 先を見越した

March 25, 2014 =========
☆ proactive 先を見越した
Do you think being proactive is important? The world is changing all around us every day, so even if we are not proactive and changing ourselves, things are changing. However, if we just sit back and let the world change around us, we are doing the opposite of being proactive. We are being reactive.
Here are some comparisons of proactive versus reactive thinking:
There is nothing I can do. (Reactive)
Let’s look at the alternatives. (Proactive)
That customer frustrated me! (Reactive)
I control my feelings and reactions. (Proactive)
If only I could… (Reactive)
I will … (Proactive)
Looking at these examples, it seems better to be proactive, right? But it’s not always easy… oh, is that reactive thinking? Yes, it is! OK, I will choose a more effective response. 🙂