deliver 運ぶ

February 1, 2014  =========
☆ deliver 運ぶ
Today’s word has many different meanings. This one is the same as “distribute” or “carry” or “bring”. In other words, if you deliver something, you take it there. Do you know any of the other meanings? Here are some:
The pizza will be delivered within 20 minutes. (Today’s meaning.)
Under-promise, over-deliver. (Deliver = produce or make.)
The president will deliver his speech on Monday morning. (Deliver = give. Formal)
A mid-wife delivered my baby. (Deliver = help someone give birth)
He delivered a blow directly to his head. (Deliver = hit. Formal)
Deliver us from evil. (Deliver = rescue. Old fashioned, used in the Bible)

Do you know any others?