broad-minded 心が広い

January 1, 2014  =========
☆ broad-minded 心が広い
Happy New Year!!
Welcome to 2014, and welcome back to the daily Eigo Techo emails, I’m looking forward to “chatting with you” each day.
Today’s word is “broad-minded” but another way to say that is “open-minded”. So if it’s hard to remember “broad” you could use “open” instead. Another way to say it is “tolerant”. Would you describe yourself as broad-minded or tolerant?
Ps. Now that we’re back to the daily format, the emails will be “short and sweet” (簡潔な). Also, there won’t be any Japanese translation, but I recommend ALC’s “Eijiro on the web” – there’s a Smartphone app or you can access it on the web here:
If I use an idiom or proverb, I’ll try and include the translation, but if it’s not there, Eijiro can help you, or you can contact me on Facebook with any questions.