December, 2013


Welcome to the monthly review mail for December. This is the last monthly mail, and from January 1st, we’ll return to short daily mails about the word of the day. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on a more regular basis.

How has your December been? To be honest, mine has been a little frustrating! As I told you in the November email I am working on my first product for English study and my plan was to finish in early December… Well, do you know the English saying, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”? (I found this definition on the ALC online dictionary “計画通りには行かないもの”.) Basically this phrase means that things don’t always go according to plan. And for me, that’s what happened this month! I guess December is already a very busy month, so maybe I should have had a slightly different plan! How was your December, did you enjoy all the festivities of the end of year parties and Christmas and New Year celebrations?

December’s topic is “Grow into freedom…のびやかに、自由に、解き放て”. This is the perfect topic for the end of the month when everyone is winding down from the previous year, and at the same time getting ready for the year ahead. Do you usually set goals at this time of year? If so, do you have any goals related to your own personal growth? What are they? How will you reach those goals?

I think that is the hardest part about setting goals at this time of year… everyone is excited by the “new” year and “new” chances and new starts to reach their goals, but we forget to think about exactly “how” we will reach those goals. So, if you have an English goal, how will you reach it? What do you need to do to achieve that goal in 2014? Can you set up a system that will make sure that you do those things and reach your goal without giving up? Why not come and tell me about your goal and the actions you plan to take on Facebook?

And as always a quick review of the monthly words.

What five words were new for you?

What one word really excited you? (I mean what word were you glad to learn?)

Create a sentence using your favorite word from the month.

And if you don’t have the Eigo Techo nearby, here’s the monthly word list:

December 1 responsible 頼りになる
December 2 leap at 飛び付く
December 3 awaken  目を覚まさせる
December 4 select 選ぶ
December 5 sit back 傍観する
December 6 transform 変換する
December 7 evolve 発達する
December 8 eliminate 除外する
December 9 competent 有能な
December 10 flexible 柔軟な
December 11 convinced 確信して
December 12 natural 天然の
December 13 nostalgic 郷愁を誘う
December 14 gentle 優しい
December 15 open 素直な
December 16 freedom 自由
December 17 fearless 恐れを知らない
December 18 authenticity 信頼性
December 19 patience 我慢強さ
December 20 vision 先見性
December 21 model 手本
December 22 power 能力
December 23 inquire 尋ねる
December 24 experience 体験する
December 25 expand 広げる
December 26 cringe 身がすくむ
December 27 take in 取り入れる
December 28 mess up 失敗する
December 29 nurture 育てる
December 30 strength 強さ
December 31 wisdom 知恵

See you next year!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful 2014.