November, 2013


Welcome to the monthly review mail for November. Sorry I’m a little bit late this month, I’ve been working on a product for English learners. Since I’m not in Japan at the moment, I created a download version of one of my popular workshops – so you can study with me, anytime, anywhere! I was hoping to have it finished in time to tell you in this newsletter, but it’s not quite ready… so keep an eye out for an email from me about in a week or so.

And, after your great response (thank you!) to my question about this Eigo Techo email I will return to the daily format from 2014. So from January 1st 2014, look out for a short daily email from me about the daily word. If you don’t have your 2014 Eigo Techo, you can still buy it, here’s the link for Rakuten:

OK, let’s get started… November’s topic is “Be centered. 心の軸を持とう”. In English, “to be centered” is about knowing your own mind, making decisions in the present (in the “now”), and being aware of your own values, beliefs and purpose. When life seems overwhelming or hard, we need to come back to our “center” to find balance and calm.

Interestingly, we also have a verb, “to be self-centered”. It might be easy to confuse these and think they are similar, because “to be centered” means that we are centered on ourselves, not on the outside world. Naturally, being present in the moment, and aware of our own self and our values, is a positive thing. However, “to be self-centered” is quite the opposite. To be self-centered means that you are overly engrossed in yourself; in other words, you are being selfish. Do you know anyone you would consider to be “self-centered”? How about someone who is usually “centered”? Today I’m going to try to be centered throughout the day, even when everything around me is a little bit “crazy”!! Why don’t you try it too?

And as always a quick review of the monthly words.

What five words were new for you?

What one word really excited you? (I mean what word were you glad to learn?)

Create a sentence using your favorite word from the month.

And if you don’t have the Eigo Techo nearby, here’s the monthly word list:

November 1 listen 聞く
November 2 meditate 瞑想する
November 3 rest 休む
November 4 lucid 明快な
November 5 mutual 共通の
November 6 precise 正確な
November 7 doubtful 疑わしい
November 8 deep 深い
November 9 graceful 優雅な
November 10 passionate 情熱的な
November 11 peace 安らぎ
November 12 wholeness 全体
November 13 well-being 健康なこと
November 14 soul 魂
November 15 stillness 平静
November 16 axis 軸
November 17 light 寛大に
November 18 cultivate 養う
November 19 practice 実行する
November 20 adopt 選ぶ
November 21 improve 向上させる
November 22 realize 悟る
November 23 gravitate 引き寄せられる
November 24 search 捜す
November 25 pride 誇り
November 26 half-truth 一部だけが真実の言葉
November 27 routine 繰り返し
November 28 feeling 感情
November 29 trouble 悩みの種
November 30 clarity 透明

See you at the end of the year!! How quickly did that come?!