July, 2013

July,2013 contents =========
・This month’s review
・This month’s word list


Welcome to the July monthly review mail.

It’s the middle of winter here in Australia, so cold! Although this is my second winter since coming back to Australia, it still seems strange to see all my Facebook friends in Japan posting about beach trips and sunshine! What’s your favorite season? I know that summer is tough in Tokyo, and in Japan, I do prefer spring and autumn, but really summer is my true love!

The topic for July is “Love as though you’ve never been hurt. 一度も傷ついたことがないかのように、思いっきり愛そう。” Have you heard this phrase before? It comes from the poem by Father Alfred Souza, about dancing, loving and living a happy life. (I won’t put the whole thing here, you can find it easily by checking Google.) So when I was thinking about this topic, I was thinking about summer… it’s a little strange to talk about love of a season rather than a person, I guess, but this statement seemed true for seasons, too.

For example, every summer there are days when it is sooooo hot I don’t know how I can continue to move! And yet, I love summer, and look forward to it each year. Winter, too. Winter “hurts” me, with its cold mornings and evenings that get dark so early… but when it’s summer, I remember winter fondly, and long for the cooler days! Ha ha. Is this just me, or does everyone do this?

And as always a quick review of the monthly words.

What five words were new for you?

What one word really excited you? (I mean, what word were you glad to learn.)

Create a sentence using your favorite word from the month.

And if you don’t have the Eigo Techo nearby, here’s the monthly word list:

July 1 surrender oneself to 身を任せる
July 2 share 共有する
July 3 hope 希望する
July 4 fall apart 崩れる
July 5 dump 捨てる
July 6 allow 許す
July 7 like 好む
July 8 vulnerable 傷つきやすい
July 9 aloof よそよそしい
July 10 outgoing 外向的な
July 11 energetic 活発な
July 12 assertive 自己主張の強い
July 13 useful 役に立つ
July 14 lively 活気のある
July 15 communication 意思疎通
July 16 honesty 誠実
July 17 innocence潔白
July 18 row 口げんか
July 19 fondness好み
July 20 space 冷却期間
July 21 manner 態度
July 22 flirt口説く
July 23 fall for someone 夢中になる
July 24 split up 別れる
July 25 embrace 抱擁する
July 26 caress 優しくなでる
July 27 enjoy 楽しむ
July 28 cherish 大事にする
July 29 trait 特徴
July 30 openness 素直
July 31 tenderness敏感

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See you at the end of next month!