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・This month’s review
・This month’s word list

Hi there!!

It’s time for the February Monthly Review mail. How have you been?
What was good about your February?
What was great about it?

Now that you’re warmed up and feeling positive, let’s get started with February’s review mail!

February’s topic is “Be present. 今、ここに、生きる”.
At the beginning of February, I had a book recommended to me, “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham, and Donald Clifton.
It’s an “old” book, first published in 2001.
The authors say that if we know what our strengths are we can lead a successful life by finding ways to use these key strengths as much as possible.

Most people don’t really know what their strengths and focus instead on their weaknesses.
So how do we discover our strengths?
One way is to take the online test: the book comes with a unique access code for you to take an online “test” to discover your top five “talents” or “strengths”.
However, you don’t have to buy the book or take the test, as the authors say the best way to really discover your strengths is to “be present”.

“Be present” and learn about “you” (just like I talked about in January!)
By being present and really noticing your “spontaneous, top-of-mind reactions” to situations you’ll start to notice patterns or themes and these patterns will help you discover your talents.
(There is a lot of brain research behind all of this, which is too much information for this email, but basically our strong neural connections in our brain are our “strengths” and these strong connections are fast – which is why they are our spontaneous reactions.)

By the way, the book is also available in Japanese if you’re interested: さあ、才能(じぶん)に目覚めよう。

And as always a quick review of the monthly words.

What five words were new for you?

What one word really excited you?
(I mean, what word were you glad to learn.)

Create a sentence using your favorite word from the month.

And if you don’t have the Eigo Techo nearby, here’s the word list for February:
February 1 gift 贈り物
February 2 completion 達成
February 3 ease 容易さ
February 4 choose 選ぶ
February 5 connect つながる
February 6 learn 学ぶ
February 7 feel 感じる
February 8 attend 出席する
February 9 worry 心配する
February 10 focus (精神を)集中させる
February 11 struggle もめ事
February 12 smile ほほ笑み
February 13 guidance 助言
February 14 flow 流れ
February 15 now 今
February 16 signal 合図
February 17 reason 理由
February 18 calm 冷静な
February 19 present 現在の
February 20 frantic 必死な
February 21 desperate 絶望的な
February 22 anxious 心配な
February 23 concrete 現実の
February 24 self-conscious自意識過剰な 
February 25 decide 決める
February 26 consider 検討する
February 27 require 必要とする
February 28 weigh up 比較して考える

Remember to send me feedback if you have any thoughts or questions concerning the mail magazine and this new style

See you at the end of March!