January,2013 ~ 英語手帳 ミニ・レッスン マンスリー!~

『英語手帳 ミニ・レッスン』


January,2013 contents =========
・Happy New Year! …from Chris.
・This month’s review “Navigate your life.”
・How about writing a “Book of You”
・This month’s review questions and word list

Hi there!!

Happy New Year!!
(Is it a little late to be saying that? Maybe, but
that’s OK.)

So, a little update on me. At the moment, I’m in Australia! Yes, that’
s right, in Australia, enjoying summer. Nice! Unfortunately though, I’m
in Australia because my parents aren’t well. I’m back here for a while,
so that I can help them more. This means I’ll be busy, and as I already
said at the end of last year, I won’t be able to send out the daily

However, I want to keep in touch with you, and I want to keep you motivated
to study English, and to use the Eigo Techo for 2013, too. I thought about
the best way that I could do that, and decided an “End of Month” review mail
might be a good way. What do you think? Hope you like this idea.

Let’s get started with January’s review mail.

First up, January’s topic: “Navigate your life.  人生の出港のとき”…
Interesting topic, don’t you think? How well do you know yourself?
Could you write a book about “you”? Havi Brooks, a woman with very
blue hair, has an interesting blog, and on it, she talks about writing
“The Book of You” and in this “book” (which could be a journal or
just a few notes or pages). Basically, what you are doing is studying
yourself: Taking notes, and continually learning new things about
yourself. Here are some examples that I wrote in “my book of me”:
I don’t usually like risk-taking.
A defining moment in my life was when I decided to go to Japan for
a homestay in high school.
The most sublime chocolate for me are Reese’s Pieces.

And so on. (These are my examples, of course, yours would be different!)

Here’s the link if you’d like to read the whole blog article.

So, why not try using some of January’s words to write a “book of you”?

And now for a quick review of the monthly words.

What five words were new for you?

What one word really excited you? (I mean, what word were you glad to learn.)

Create a sentence using your favorite word from the month.

And if you don’t have the Eigo Techo nearby, here’s the word list for
January 1 gratitude 感謝の心
January 2 risk-taking リスクをとること
January 3 laughter 笑い声
January 4 balance バランス
January 5 core values 本質的価値
January 6 learning curve学習曲線
January 7 achieve 達成する
January 8 try 努力する
January 9 celebrate 祝う
January 10 act 実行する
January 11 redefine 再評価する
January 12 repeat 繰り返す
January 13 tell 語る
January 14 joy 喜び
January 15 choice 選択
January 16 defining moment 決定的な瞬間
January 17 fun 楽しみ
January 18 fulfillment 満足感
January 19 self-worth 自尊心
January 20 journey 旅
January 21 enthusiastic やる気がある
January 22 sublime 高尚な
January 23 worthy 価値のある
January 24 awesome 荘厳な
January 25 modest 控えめな
January 26 potent 強力な
January 27 efficient 効率的な
January 28 compliment 褒める
January 29 respond 返答する
January 30 press on 続行する
January 31 appreciate 感謝する

By the way, if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear what you think about
this new style for the mail magazine. Sorry, there won’t be any Japanese
translation this year, but I’ll keep the mails short so that every level can
enjoy them.

See you at the end of February!


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