May 24 – throw on

May 24, 2019 =========

☆  throw on  (服を)さっと引っ掛ける


If you throw on something, or throw something on, it means you quickly put on a piece of clothing. For example, if you are going out and realize it’s colder than you thought, you might quickly throw on your coat as you run out the door.

Or, if you are at home in your PJs relaxing on a day off from work, and the doorbell rings, you might throw on a dressing gown before you answer the door. Or imagine you’ve rushed out the door to meet friends, and they say when you get there, “Oh, you look nice!” you might just say, “Oh, I was in a rush and just threw on the first thing I found in my closet!”

Can you use throw on in a sentence?