May 23 – wrap up

May 23, 2019 =========

☆  wrap up 着込む


This is probably not a word you’ll need to use in Japan for a while, but in Australia, at least where I am, it’s a word we use every day! In fact, as we leave the house each day, the useful phrase is exactly what I say to everyone: “It’s cold outside, better wrap up.”

What season do you like best? Do you love the crisp winter days when you wrap up in cozy winter clothes? Or do you prefer to able to head out into the fresh air of spring or summer without needing to wrap up warm? I think I prefer not having to wrap up warm. I’m definitely a fan of spring and summer… although I do love the snow, and wrapping up warm to head out into the snow was one of my favorite things to do in Tokyo – but probably only because it rarely snowed! If it was every day of winter, then maybe I wouldn’t have liked it so much!