May 11 – fabric, May 12 – body type (mini mail catch up!)

May 11, 2019 =========             

☆  fabric  布

May 12, 2019 =========

☆  body type  体型


Just doing a little catch up on some missing mails! Let’s talk about the final two nouns from last week. So, I hadn’t planned on doing these two mails together, but in fact, it’s worked out well!

Why? Well, all the best colors and designs for your body type might not actually look good on you if you choose the wrong fabric! It is important to make sure you are choosing fabrics that sit well on your body type – so depending on your body type, you probably don’t want clingy fabrics that are too lightweight. Wool versus cotton for example.

Who knew! I didn’t know this – well, of course, I knew that the right fabric is important, but I’ve never really thought that much about it. If you’re the same as me, but would like to know more, check out this article!