May 13 – chic, May 14 – timeless

May 13, 2019 =========

☆  chic シックな

May 14, 2019 =========

☆  timeless  時代を超えた


And, now catching up on this week’s first two adjectives. Again, I hadn’t planned to do these two words together (“life just got in the way” last week!) but they are nicely suited to a joint email too!

Chic comes from the French word, chique which means skills and elegance. It refers to fashion that is smart and stylish and without being a victim to the latest fashion. In other words, being chic is all about having a timeless sense of style.

Interestingly though, being chic and having a timeless style is not just about the clothes that you wear, but making sure that those clothes express who you are. I think this is the “skills” part of the French word – knowing yourself well enough, that you can express who you are through your clothes. If you can do that, then your fashion will be chic and timeless – it might not be perfect for everyone, but it will be perfect for you!