January 28 – disconnect

January 28, 2019 =========

☆  disconnect  接続を切る


Do you ever disconnect from your phone and other screens, such as the TV and computer? The book I read, How to Break Up with Your Cell Phone, recommended disconnecting for at least 24-hours once a week. To make it easier, the author suggested Friday night through to Saturday night, because most people are usually busy with other plans around then, so it’s easier.

Also, I recently watched Consumed on Netflix, about people who have too much clutter. The expert in the show, took away all the screens in the house – phones, computers, TVs and so on – for two weeks!! The family has disconnected with each other because they are on their screens all the time, so now, it’s time to disconnect from the screens and reconnect with each other.

Could you disconnect from all screens (except for work-related ones) for two weeks?